Individual Consultations

Gender Diversity offers training for individuals working in a variety of professions who may encounter transgender or gender diverse children or adults. In-person, phone, or web conferencing consultations are available to address a number of different circumstances. Customized or case-specific consultations are available for:

  • Employers
  • Agency or social workers
  • Mental health providers
  • Administrators
  • Camp or athletic directors
  • After school programs
  • Teachers
  • Medical providers
  • Families and Parents

If you wish to have a consultation or training developed specifically for you, we can help. Gaining a deeper understanding of gender identity and expression provides a solid foundation to help you navigate any situation. Our goal is to provide you with sensitive, competent guidance that serve to foster a positive environment for all.

Thanks so much for the consultation. It was very helpful! I shared it ALL with my transgender client [5 pages of notes from our consultation]. It helped us greatly in sorting out a complex situation.

— Sally, LCSW