Health Care Providers’ Training

Gender Diversity offers professional level education and training programs designed to increase the understanding of transgender populations of all ages. Our seminars serve to increase the knowledge of concepts such as gender identity and gender expression and the diverse ways in which these can manifest.

Through increased understanding, medical and mental health providers, hospitals and medical clinics, and all other care providers who work with or provide services for those who are transgender and/or gender non-conforming can advance their skills in addressing the needs of these diverse populations. Consider us for any educational need including staff training, grand rounds or guest lectures, educational workshops, understanding your legal obligations and addressing human resource factors.

Educational components can include:

  • Identifying Best Practices and Standards of Care
  • Creating an Inclusive Practice/Workplace
  • Understanding Social and Institutional Barriers to Care
  • Age Differences and Other Considerations for Transgender Populations
  • Working with Families of Transgender Children
  • Assessing Stages of Gender Identity Development in Children
  • Providing Competent Care
  • Individual or Case-specific Consultation
  • Distinguishing between Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
  • Cultural and Ethnic Considerations
  • Differences in parenting approaches
  • Siblings of transgender children
  • Legal obligations

Thank you for giving me a greater appreciation for the subtleties of gender variance. The training helped a great deal in demystifying some aspects of these [gender related] issues. Continue your good work!

— Seattle Counseling Services

Thank you for being so honest and open with our staff. Our clinic will greatly benefit from the information, suggestions, and terminology provided.

— King County Health Clinic-Harborview, Seattle, WA