Support Services

Whether you are a family member with a gender nonconforming child; or an adult or teen considering a gender transition; the path can be difficult to navigate. Oftentimes information or resources can be scarce. The result can feel isolating and overwhelming. You need support. Gender Diversity offers support through our monthly family group meetings, our group for teens, individualized consultations, and our annual Gender Odyssey conferences.

Our experiences can vary widely based on a number of factors. People across all cultures, ethnicities, regions and economic situations are raising gender variant and transgender children and teens or are people who are themselves seeking the path to authentically live within their true gender identity. Support is critical to minimize feelings of isolation, to gain information and resources, and to build a solid foundation for a sometimes challenging path.

The support offered through Gender Diversity’s programs helps minimize hardships, increases knowledge, and empowers both families and individuals. At the most basic level, there is a high degree of relief that comes with simply knowing that others share our experience.

Our programs and services include: