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Gender Diversity is able to operate because of the dedication and love of a small staff and a large volunteer pool. Without all of these folk showing up week after week, we would not be able to serve the more than 1,000 families in our community.  Scroll down to learn more about some of the amazing folk who keep this organization going.












Aidan Key

Founder & President

Aidan Key is the founder and director of Gender Diversity, an organization serving families of trans and gender diverse children. He produces Gender Odyssey, the longest-running annual conference for families and professionals.

Key has served as a consultant to hundreds of K-12 schools and other youth-based agencies across the US and has provided districts with training, strategic planning, policy development, and staff, parent, and student education.

Key is the co-author of Trans Bodies, Trans Selves: Children (Oxford University Press) and Gender Cognition in Transgender Children (Psychological Science). Past speaking/keynote engagements include the Children’s Justice Conference, the National Women’s Judges Conference, the Adolescent Medicine Conference, and the University of Alaska’s 1st Power & Privilege conference. He is currently authoring a book, Trans Children in Today’s Schools (Oxford University Press, expected publication date, late 2020).

The Greater Seattle Business Association honored Key as the Humanitarian of the Year (2017) and The Pride Foundation, Ingersoll Gender Center, Chicago Black Pride, Seattle Out and Proud, have praised Key’s work as well. He has often been featured in the national media, including the Oprah Winfrey Show, NPR’s Diane Rehm Show, Al Jazeera America, Larry King Live, and Fresh Air with Terry Gross.  Most recently, Aidan was selected as one of Seattle magazine’s 2019 Most Influential People of the Year.



Gil Rich

Teen / Youth Director, Board President

Gil (he) oversees the Gender Diversity Teen Programs and youth support groups. He has over 15 years’ experience developing leadership and community-building programs that help youth recognize their potential. His background includes teaching within the Seattle and Atlanta public schools and serving in leadership roles with Camp Ten Trees, Lambert House, the YMCA, and the WSU-4H Challenge Programs. Gil has presented workshops on supporting trans and GNC youth at Creating Change and the HRC Time to Thrive conferences, and also facilitates transgender awareness training for corporate audiences. Gil had the unique opportunity to grow up as a gender-nonconforming kid with an identical twin who was also gender-nonconforming. Growing up knowing there was someone else like him in the world provided a foundation of self-confidence and pride that he hopes to pass on to the youth he works with.

Nikki Neuen

Executive Director

Nikki (she) gleefully joined the Gender Diversity staff on January 1, 2017, having been an attendee of the parent support groups and Gender Odyssey conference since 2014.  She brings over 20 years of experience in administration and communications from the fields of non-profit, finance, medical administration, and academia.

At Gender Diversity, she works in organizational administration and infrastructure, planning, graphic design, program design, outreach, fundraising, the Gender Odyssey Conference, and  In late 2017 she began facilitating Gender Diversity Family Support Groups in Seattle, and in 2018 launched TYTAN (Trans Youth Taking Action Now) and Thriving On Two Spectrums.

Nikki is solo parent to a transgender, non-binary adult son and is known among her colleagues for her sincerity and humor.

Kristin Wilson-Key

Parent Program Specialist

Kristin (she) joined Aidan Key in 2008, supporting parents of children with gender differences through the work of Gender Diversity.  Her numerous and varied responsibilities have evolved over the years to include sundry roles at the Gender Odyssey Conference, being a resilient sounding board to her husband, training facilitators and facilitating GD Family Support Groups, doing intake calls with parents new to the support groups and now as a Gender Diversity trainer.  Some of her favorite trainings have been with PNW Quakers! Originally from high and dry Colorado, Kristin very much enjoys temperate Seattle.

Huddle Blakefield

Parent Program Manager, Admin. Asst.

Huddle (she/her) is the administrative assistant to Aidan Key, and the Parent Program Manager.  She conducts parent intake calls and is a senior Parent Facilitator of Gender Diversity’s Family Support Groups in Seattle, WA. In her former life, she was a dental assistant working with individuals going through cancer treatment and most recently a stay-at-home mom. She is a fierce mama-bear when it comes to her trans son & and a reticent but committed activist. Her free time is spent quilting, crafting, hanging out with her family & loving on her dogs.

Vatsa Sreedhara

Youth Program Manager

Vatsa (he/him) is an HR professional who recently relocated from India to Seattle with his husband. He has always been passionate about diversity and equity, including gender, orientation, identity, disability, and intergenerational diversity. He continues to volunteer with organizations that promote social dialogue and change, and provide resources and support to communities, in India and Seattle. He currently works with partners in India to design intervention programs around “Bias in the workplace.” He is also on the board of Trikone Northwest, a support group for queer South Asian folk in and around Seattle.

Debi Jackson

Trans Families Program Manager

Debi (she) lives with her husband and two children in Kansas City, Missouri. She became an advocate for transgender rights in 2014 when her speech about her daughter’s transition at the age of 4 went viral. The self-described “conservative Southern Baptist Republican from Alabama” now speaks on behalf of transgender children and their families around the world. She has been interviewed by media across the US, the UK, France, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, South Africa, Colombia and Brazil. Debi has spoken at conferences presented at many prestigious conferences.

Debi was awarded the 2016 NEA GLBT Caucus Role Model Award for her contributions to education about the LGBTQ+ community. Her daughter, Avery, has also told her own story in a children’s book and was featured on a cover of the “Gender Revolution” issue of National Geographic magazine.

When she isn’t trying to change the world, Debi is busy homeschooling her kids and taking care of veritable zoo of pets. Her self-care routine is time in the kitchen pretending to be a great chef while listening to a true crime podcast or dancing to a Ricky Martin playlist.

Rachel Langshall

Development and Communications Manager

As the Development and Communications Manager, Rachel (they/them) connects and builds relationships with Gender Diversity’s amazing donors and supporters. Rachel has been working in nonprofits for 26 years. They have been an activist for over 30 years. They are excited to bring all their life and work experiences together to use to help trans families like their own. Rachel is trans nonbinary genderqueer. They are proud to live authentically with their 100% trans family; their partner (she) and their child (they). They spend their non-work time with their family and chosen family exploring the Pacific Northwest, putting together Lego, writing, creating art, and wishing the cat didn’t wake them up so early every morning.

Joshua Riverdale

Web Manager

Joshua (he) is a web developer and marketer with more than 18 years of professional experience. He has been working on the Gender Odyssey websites since 2008. That year also marked the beginning of his gender transition, which he continues to chronicle on his popular blog, Gender Outlaw. Joshua lives in rural British Columbia, Canada.

Cooper Stodden

Seattle Littles Group Lead

At their first Gender Diversity event in 2014, Cooper (they) enjoyed the people so much that they resolved to hang around them as much as possible. Using various Gemini superpowers, they have succeeded! Cooper loves volunteering with Little Kids Play Group in Seattle for the pure joy of helping to create and getting to enjoy a little slice of kid-focused, gender-affirming heaven. In their day job, Cooper provides training and capacity building assistance to health and human service organizations with Cardea Services. Their areas of expertise include gender-affirming health systems, adolescent sexual health, and trauma-informed education.

Sam Miller

Seattle Middle School Group Lead

Sam is a transmasculine/non-binary Seattleite originally from the Midwest. Sam has been leading the Gender Diversity Middle School Group for 2 years after serving as a volunteer for a year before that. In their spare time, Sam enjoys playing guitar, drinking too much coffee, nerding out about science and music, and hanging out with their BFF – a golden retriever named Teddi. Sam is currently in the PharmD program at UW and is passionate about LGBTQ Health Education. What Sam loves most about being a part of Gender Diversity is the ability to help create a space where youth can come to better understand themselves, make new friends, support one another, and truly thrive.

Nadja Dee Witherbee

Seattle High School & Young Adults Group Lead

Nadia Dee (she) is a graduate of the telecommunication and film department at San Diego State University. She has spent 12 years working in the film industry and became a member of the Local 600 Camera Union. She left Burbank to transition in Seattle and has volunteered for Gender Odyssey, Gender Diversity, Camp Ten Trees, and Lambert House and served on the board of directors for Ingersoll Gender Center and Camp Ten Trees. Combining her love of film and the community, Nadja Dee created SOLD: Examining the T in TV Commercials, presented at Gender Odyssey and Translations Film Festival. Currently working with the Teen Program, Nadja Dee brings her love of film and television, art, music, and special-effects film make-up to Gender Odyssey.


Meghan Hebert-Trainer

Parent Group Facilitator, Site Lead

Meghan (she) has been with Gender Diversity for 4 years, when her 4-year-old child asked her “Mama, why did God make me a boy, when I’m really a girl?”  Meghan and her husband, Ryan, began their journey to help support their child and have been advocating and speaking in support of the transgender community ever since.  Meghan is also a home educator, she homeschools their 4 kids.  She loves camping, hiking, biking with her kids, and reading.

Pattie Pritchard

Parent Group Facilitator, Site Lead

Pattie and her husband live in Bremerton with their 3 kids, dog and cat.  As a parent raising a trans son in a biracial family, Pattie has become a strong advocate for issues related to gender, diversity and equity, especially local to Kitsap County.  For her day job, Pattie works with cancer patients as a licensed clinical social worker.


Youth Space Facilitator, Site Lead


Bio coming soon…

Dirk McCulloch

Parent Group Facilitator

Dirk (he) is the proud father and co-parent to two wonderful daughters, the younger of which is transgender.  He is grateful to have been involved with the Gender Diversity community since 2014 and is honored be stepping into the role of co-facilitating Family Support Group discussions in the Seattle area.  In addition to embracing the joys of parenting tween and teen girls Dirk is an avid hiker and backpacker and enjoys cooking, travel, spoiling his cat and reading.


Parent Group Facilitator, Site Lead

Stephanie (she) has been a supporter, advocate and ally for the transgender community ever since her heart and mind were broken open when her 7 year old told her she was actually a girl. Stephanie really loves facilitating the support groups and watching families help other families cope, learn, grow and thrive along side their gender diverse children.

Morgan Mitchell

Parent Group Facilitator

Morgan facilitates the Bellingham, WA Gender Diversity Family Support Group for parents of adult transgender children. She is a licensed mental health therapist, passionate about aligning with, supporting, and advocating for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Morgan is grateful for the opportunity to learn from and be a part of the Gender Diversity family. She loves the sun, cats, and mostly her 3 busy kiddos!

Wendy Reynolds

Parent Group Facilitator

Wendy has been an LGBTQ+ advocate since 1990.   She is active in both Gender Diversity and PFLAG.  She has 2 children, 1 of which is non-binary.  Wendy loves to read, play tennis and travel.  She is actively working with the school district on LGBTQ+ issues.



Parent Group Facilitator

Micah (she/they) is shadowing parent/caregiver support groups and will soon share all of this knowledge with a new Gender Diversity Family Support group in Wenatchee, WA.  Micah’s mission is to transform the quality of life for transgender and gender expansive folks by providing a broad continuum of care that is inclusive, culturally competent, collaborative, insight-oriented and attuned to each person’s specific needs. Micah is deeply devoted, professionally and personally, to the empowerment of disenfranchised groups and believes that diversity, inclusion and equity are vital to living our values and achieving our authentic self. Micah’s day job is working as a licensed independent clinical social worker with a diverse group of folks in the rural community of Wenatchee, WA.  She loves camping, sailing, researching data and being with her wife and 4 furry children.


Evelyn Dickinson

Tech Goddess

Evelyn (she) soldered her first Heathkit H89 PC together back in the days of disco. After a storied career with Commodore Amiga as a wunderkind and a stint for bad behavior at the University of South Florida, she launched her information technology consultancy, the Logical Alternative, with her wife Melissa. She took a few years off for a position with a multibillion retailer as Chief Information and Security Officer.

Evelyn’s hobbies include vegetarian cooking, travel, and burning down the cis/het patriarchy. She’s available in select stores wherever fine wines and rare birds are sold.

Melissa Dickinson

Web & Graphic Designer

Melissa (she) moved to the Seattle area from Tampa, Florida in 2007. She’s a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design and George Washington University, and helps run Logical Alternative, a technology consulting company, with her wife Evelyn. In addition to studying history, spoiling her pets, making music videos, and helping to build resources for the trans community, she currently spends her “free” time trying her best to follow her mom’s advice: wake up, kick ass, be kind, repeat.


Parent Group Facilitator

Tiffany (she) is a mom to two delightful sons, one of whom is transgender. She has been gratefully attending Gender Diversity Support Groups and has been a great fan of the Gender Odyssey Conference since 2013. She also feels incredibly lucky to assist with facilitation of the GD family support group in Seattle since 2016.  Supporting her trans son has also ushered Tiffany into the interesting world of political activism where she inspires other families to support their trans children by telling her family’s story.



Youth Space Facilitator


Bio coming soon…



Seattle Site Greeter


Bio coming soon…



Youth Space Facilitator


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Tweens Group Facilitator


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Parent Group Facilitator


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Board of Directors

Gender Diversity’s Board of Directors consists of long-time associates and family members who have supported Gender Diversity for years. They are gender-diverse, parents of gender-diverse children, and lifetime allies.


Gil Rich

Board President

Gil (he) oversees the Gender Diversity Teen Programs and youth support groups. He has over 15 years’ experience developing leadership and community-building programs that help youth recognize their potential. His background includes teaching within the Seattle and Atlanta public schools and serving in leadership roles with Camp Ten Trees, Lambert House, the YMCA, and the WSU-4H Challenge Programs. Gil has presented workshops on supporting trans and GNC youth at Creating Change and the HRC Time to Thrive conferences, and also facilitates transgender awareness training for corporate audiences. Gil had the unique opportunity to grow up as a gender-nonconforming kid with an identical twin who was also gender-nonconforming. Growing up knowing there was someone else like him in the world provided a foundation of self-confidence and pride that he hopes to pass on to the youth he works with.


B. Siobhan Murphy

Board Vice-President

Siobhan brings 20 years of accounting experience and entrepreneurship to her role as Board member. She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Western Washington University; is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and  a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), She has taught college-level accounting courses at Charter College and Western Washington University, and served as the Finance Director, Treasurer, President, Director, and Consultant at a variety of local non-profit organizations. Siobhan is passionate about education in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors so that leaders are empowered with a deeper understanding of the financial workings of their organizations.

Kelly Lindsey

Board Secretary

Kelly lives in south King County with the resident foreman, Zeke the cat. She champions Equity and Social Justice in her everyday life, promoting transit options. In her free time, she daily admires the Pacific Northwest for its beauty and progressiveness and loves to go to community festivals, enjoys live music and community dancing.

Kelly has been friends with Aidan Key since they were teenagers and appreciates and supports his journey to this place and going forward with his vision. Her experience growing up with a disabled father gives her insights to the nuances of inequities and the overt injustices even in a progressive landscape. She feels passionately about gender issues and that creating an informed public breaks down ignorant thoughts and actions. She has administered and witnessed in her life small steps forward that blossom out to new beginnings and better outcomes for all.


Mark Yeoell

Board Treasurer

Mark (he) and his wife Kathryn live on Vashon Island, WA. He has been an active Trans ally since 2013 when he first became aware of the challenges facing transgender folk and especially trans children and their parents.

For the past 24 years Mark has been an Organizational Development consultant focused on Leadership Development, consulting with organizations and coaching leaders from the U.S., Asia, South America, New Zealand, Canada, and Europe.

Prior to that, he lived for 15 years as a 24/7 yogi at Kripalu Center. There he was part of a leadership team that ran what became the largest residential personal growth and development center in the USA. His roles included stints as CFO, COO and as Acharya for the Kripalu International Network (KIN).

Now winding down his professional career, Mark continues to do what he can to support the growth of his own and other’s consciousness.

Advisory Board

The Gender Diversity Advisory Board was created to advise and make recommendations to our leadership on programs and services for trans and gender-diverse youth, professionals, and families.

Jack Alcantara – Advisory Council (he)
Jack Alcantara has been a facilitator and presenter at Gender Odyssey since 2006. He was born and raised in Santa Cruz County by his parents who are originally from Mexico City. Jack’s parents and extended family have all been extremely supportive of his transition and often attend various speaking engagements locally to talk about family acceptance during the transition process.

Jack received his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from San Diego State University in 2001. Shortly thereafter he studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, for a year. Upon returning to San Francisco to start law school at the age of 25 he also began his transition. Jack received his Juris Doctorate from Monterey College of Law in 2010 and is currently in the process of passing the CA BAR Exam to become a lawyer. Jack currently works as a criminal defense investigator for a public defender’s office. Jack is also a licensed private investigator in CA. Jack is an active volunteer in his community, and has also been a Court Appointed Child Advocate, a role to which he was court appointed to mentor young boys who are wards of the court due to abuse and neglect in their homes.

Michele AngelloMichele Angello – Advisory Council (she)
Dr. Michele Angello works with gender-variant youth as well as adults. She offers individual, couples, group, and family therapy, as well as corporate education and training on a variety of issues concerning sexuality and has presented internationally on her work with transgender, gender-variant, and gender-nonconforming youth.  She facilitates several monthly support groups for transgender adults, youth, and parents and offers sessions to people around the world via webcam.  Dr. Angello has appeared as a guest expert on Dr. Phil, Larry King Live, The Tyra Banks Show, ABC Primetime, Dr. Oz, and many other television shows and documentaries.  She is also an adjunct professor in the graduate program of human sexuality at Widener University, and developed the first graduate course in the U.S. that focuses on clinical issues in transgender communities.  Her private practice is in Pennsylvania.

Jeanette Borunda, LCSW – Advisory Council (she)
As a queer woman of color, Jeanette focuses her activism and her work around issues dear to her heart. She believes in anti-oppressive spaces in order to create safe learning environments for staff, clients, patients, and friends. As a social worker, trainer, and therapist, Jeanette advocates for gender warriors, intersections of identities, military veterans, and healing trauma work.

Jaime Grant – Advisory Council (she)
Jaime Grant is the executive director of the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership at Kalamazoo College. With Jack Harrison and Jody L. Herman, she co-authored “A Gender Not Listed Here: Genderqueers, Gender Rebels, and OtherWise in the National Transgender Discrimination Survey,” published in the 2012 Harvard Kennedy School’s LGBTQ Policy Journal. Previously, she served as director of the Policy Institute at the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

She holds a Ph.D. in women’s studies from the Union Institute. For six years she directed the Union Institute’s Center for Women, the nation’s only academic women’s center dedicated to collaborations between scholars and activists. Her articles on transformational organizations and coalition work have been published in major academic journals and anthologies.

Grant has offered a course in social movements at Georgetown University and workshops on gender expression and sexuality at Whitman Walker’s Lesbian Services Program and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Creating Change Conference. She has served as a program designer and facilitator for the Ford Foundation’s signature leadership program, Leadership for a Changing World, at the Advocacy Institute.

Nazia Junejo – Advisory Council (she)
Nazia is a thoughtful and compassionate person who is also the mother of three beautiful children. Her eldest daughter is trans and her youngest was born with a heart condition. Nazia is an equity advocate for social justice and trans rights. Her passion for changing hearts and minds began within her own family and continues to spread to the communities around her.  She works in the Edmonds School District, volunteers as a Community Advisory Board member for Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic and will soon start her graduate program in education.  Nazia was born in Pakistan and she has strong connections to her Muslim community in the “North End.”  She has lived in Seattle since her family moved here in the 1980s.


Aleksa Manila – Advisory Council (she)
Aleksa Manila is Seattle’s Sweetheart of Drag! Drug counselor by day, drag diva by night, she holds many prestigious drag titles like Miss Gay Filipino, Miss Gay Seattle, and Empress of Seattle. She is a favorite emcee for various charitable events in the northwest, a host at queer shows at colleges and universities, a panelist at various LGB and Trans* events, and a speaker on LGB and Trans* issues. When not “in-face,” s/he is pursuing their MSW at UW and is the addiction supervisor at Seattle Counseling Service, an LGBTQ behavioral institution that offers mental health therapy and addiction treatment, including case management and group counseling.

Kory Martin-Damon – Advisory Council (she)
Kory Martin-Damon is a dual-language adjudicator for the State of Washington Employment Security Department. She enjoys volunteering for Gender Odyssey and has done so every year since its inception. She is currently writing a fantasy novel about dual-sexed beings in a galaxy far, far away.


Asaf Orr – Advisory Council (he)
Asaf Orr joined NCLR in February 2012 as a Staff Attorney and works on issues related to families and youth. Prior to joining NCLR, Asaf was a solo practitioner in Los Angeles where he represented students in education-related matters including special education, discrimination, constitutional rights and discipline.

Asaf began his legal career as a Staff Attorney and Tom Steel Fellow at a non-profit legal services organization, where he directed the Rainbow Rights Project, a project that represents youth in education-related matters who are denied their right to an education on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity. In addition to his work on the Rainbow Rights Project, Asaf also represented students with disabilities in special education matters before the Office of Administrative Hearings and federal court.

In addition to representing parents of children, Asaf also provided trainings to students, parents, educators, health care providers, and lawyers on special education issues and the rights of LGBTQ youth in schools. He has provided those trainings in California and around the country.

After graduating magna cum laude from Rutgers School of Law in Newark in 2008, Asaf clerked for The Honorable Virginia A. Long on the Supreme Court of New Jersey.

Michael Peña – Advisory Council (he)
Michael is a social justice and civil rights advocate based in Edmonds, WA.  He teaches middle school, and together with his wife, is raising three incredible humans – two of whom are trans. Michael is heavily involved in union policies and activism.  Nonetheless, he and his wife are always willing to make time to drive several miles out of their way for a good street taco.

Tai Vo – Advisory Council (they)
Tai Vo is a trans, disabled person of colour who migrated to Canada as a refugee during their childhood. Tai supervises Griffin Centre’s reachOUT program, an accessible program in Toronto, Canada, that centers the needs of trans, gender-nonconforming, two-spirit, and gender non-binary and queer youth, with a focus on newcomers, disabled folks, and people of colour. Tai also directed and produced the documentary Our Compass, which was co-written by queer and trans youth labelled with intellectual disabilities.