Individual Support

Exploring one’s gender identity is not something that most people ever have to do. This exploration can be all consuming, especially at the beginning. Identifying the best course of action—or determining if any action should take place—can be one of the most challenging decisions you’ll ever make. The implications are not limited simply to your own life. A gender transition, whether physical or internal, can greatly impact your partner/spouse, your children, parents, work colleagues, friends and can even change your place in community. Everyone can benefit from having support in this process.

Gender Diversity provides direct support to individuals through our one-on-one consultation services or through individualized education. This is primarily done over the telephone but sessions via Google chat, Skype, or in person can be arranged as well. Topics addressed include:

  • Individualized training for providers/professionals
  • One-on-one support or trouble-shooting for parents
  • Adults considering a gender transition
    • Workplace considerations
    • Disclosure to others
    • Finding knowledgeable providers
    • Additional factors
  • Training for establishing a support group
  • Support for family or friends of a transgender person

Additional Support

There are many situations that may arise that are due to a person’s gender identity and/or gender expression which are unanticipated or have some unique considerations. The staff at Gender Diversity can help you navigate these issues and assist with problem-solving. If we can’t help you directly, we’ll do our best to refer you to someone who can! Get in touch.