On May 10th, Will You GiveBIG?

May 10 - GiveBIG

UPDATE: We did it!!!

We met and surpassed our GiveBIG goal of $40K to reach a grand total of $41,489!!

THANK YOU!! We are INCREDIBLY grateful for your amazing support! Your donations make it possible for Gender Diversity to do our critical work of supporting families and educating communities locally, regionally, and nationally. Your dollars literally save lives! We can’t thank you enough!

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On May 10th, 2017, the Seattle Foundation is hosting GiveBIG, a one-day only online charitable event to inspire people to give generously to nonprofit groups. Once again, Gender Diversity will be one of the beneficiaries of this important event.

Please help Gender Diversity by making a donation, and ask all of your friends and family to do the same! Click here to donate.

Here is how your dollars help:

  • Support Groups. Gender Diversity now has EIGHT groups. Over 700 families have gained support through our groups with a whopping 150 new families, just in the last year.
  • Online Parent Support Program. In Development! This program will allow parents from ALL OVER THE WORLD to make connections with other parents. Parents connecting with other parents is crucial—it is the most important factor in moving a parent away from fear toward unequivocal love and support for their child’s journey.
  • Conference Accessibility. Over 40% of Gender Odyssey conference attendees attend at a reduced or waived rate. Ensuring accessibility for people of any economic status to all of our programs is crucial, and your donations show us that you care deeply about this as well.
  • More conferences. Gender Odyssey now has a sibling conference in Los Angeles – June 28-29.
  • A Big Step Forward. We’ve added another full time team member, thanks to you. Nikki Neuen, a parent from the support groups, has joined Gender Diversity as Associate Director.
  • Education – School by School. Expanding our organizational capacity has allowed Gender Diversity to increase the number of school trainings so far this year by almost 50%!

Without one shred of doubt, your donations save lives. We have an expansive community that now dares to hope, love, and dream. Let’s keep it up! Please GiveBIG by donating to Gender Diversity.