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Gender Diversity is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, EIN 45-4910834.


Happy Double Thanksgiving!
Help us raise $90,000 for the coming year.

From November 15 through December 15, every donation to Gender Diversity will be matched DOLLAR-for-DOLLAR up to $45,000—towards a total of $90,000!
Whether you contribute $5 or $5,000, you can help us to reach our goal and provide the support and connection that you so deeply value and that our community needs!

So Many Families. So Many Options!

Thinking back to 11 years ago, when just two families joined us at our first parent support group, it was impossible to imagine that today we would have ONE DOZEN groups within a 200-mile radius, and that we would have brought compassionate support to more than 1,000 families! But, thanks to your support, those are the thresholds we are crossing now.

  • Over 200 courageous new families have joined Gender Diversity in 2018. That’s a 30% increase over last year!
  • New groups have launched in Bremerton and Lynnwood. We are looking for sites in Auburn and Bellevue for two more groups, due to begin in January.
  • In partnership with ARC of King County, we will also start a new quarterly parent group for families with gender-diverse kids who also have intellectual or developmental differences – Thriving on Two Spectrums.
  • Ready to dig deeper? Our Extra Credit series, in Seattle every 4th Sunday of the month, is up on its feet. In 2019, our vision is for this series to include the kind of workshops you’ve found at Gender Odyssey.
  • Trans Youth Taking Action Now (TYTAN), our long-dreamed-of teen leadership program is launching in the next couple of months!
  • We are deepening our volunteer engagement with quarterly in-depth training sessions for our facilitators and youth group volunteers about gender, childcare, facilitation, and mentorship.

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Double Thanksgiving is a matching campaign and our biggest fundraiser of the year. It keeps the lights on and the phones ringing. Our work opens hearts to provide support and acceptance to so many trans and gender-diverse children.

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Our match this year is $45,000—our highest match ever! The generous donors who have committed to this believe that the rest of you will join them in their passion to further the work of Gender Diversity. From NOV 15 to DEC 15, these donors will match every dollar you contribute with a dollar of their own. Are you ready to give?

Gender Diversity is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your gift is tax deductible. Our federal tax identification number is 45-4910834.


Expanding Nationwide

After years of visioning and development, we have beta-launched our website! Many of you have joined this launch by engaging in our new gender forums. You’ve kicked the tires, provided feedback, and continued to help us test new features like our online video support groups. We are so excited to extend our reach to folks in other parts of the country who have little to no resources within their communities. We’ll be having our first open video support group on Sunday, November 25. Join us!


Turning Upheaval into Opportunity

2018 has been a turbulent year on many fronts, too many to list. I know I am not alone when I say that turbulence has caused me to deeply reflect, assess, and take new action. For many of us, taking these life steps can be exciting and motivating while simultaneously evoking tinges of apprehension and doubt. I believe that this time of profound upheaval can provide huge opportunities and all of us at Gender Diversity believe the same.

Gender Diversity is, and has been, engaged with the organizational version of these steps—reflecting, assessing, and acting. To borrow from author and prior Gender Odyssey speaker, Peggy Holman, we are committed to “turning upheaval into opportunity.”

I am proud, excited, and humbled to share with all of you–who so deeply support this organization with your time, skills, dollars, and hearts–how we are taking this opportunity to step into the future.

Can you help us hit our goal of $90,000? You’ve done it before and we need you now more than ever!

We are deeply grateful that you are in this with us!
Will you consider donating now?

Thank you in advance,
Aidan Key and all of us at Gender Diversity