Arcus Foundation Awards Gender Diversity $60K

We are proud to announce that Gender Diversity has been awarded the significant and generous support of a $60K Arcus Foundation grant to support our continued growth. Over the course of recent years, we have been in conversation with Arcus about our organization’s programs, including our long-running Gender Odyssey conference, our decade-long engagement with school districts to provide staff and parent trainings that serve as a national model, and, of course, our life-changing support groups for families with transgender or gender diverse children.

General operating funds provided by the Arcus Foundation will support the national launch of our new virtual support program for families.

We believe our soon-to-be-launched virtual program will minimize barriers while respecting diverse experiences. Parents across the nation will be able to participate, anonymously if need be, from the privacy of their homes. Groups will be tailored by parental needs (e.g. groups for Spanish-speakers, faith-based concerns, medical and school considerations). We’ll include other resources such as webinars, live guest lecturers, recorded conference sessions and community forums.

By replicating the main elements of our very successful in-person groups to a web-based platform, we know that our ability to help, guide, and support the thousands, if not tens of thousands, of families will have a profound effect.

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3 Responses to Arcus Foundation Awards Gender Diversity $60K

  1. Lyle says:

    Thank you for your years of dedication to this work. In conversations for years to achieve this goal is a major achievement. Given the short attention span and the competition for near-instant response and satisfaction, your continued focus on your vision for recognition, respect, validation, acceptance for all gender presentations is also a national model. Thank you for the leadership and continued beacon of enlightenment that you give to the universe.

  2. Ren says:

    Seattle area families have been so fortunate to have Gender Diversity family support groups as a resource. I am thrilled that this resource will be available for all families who want to support, advocate for, and celebrate their trans and gender nonconforming children. Thank you Arcus, and congratulations Aidan and Gender Diversity!

  3. Lorraine Gale says:

    Greetings! Sounds wonderful!
    Since this is a virtual program, will families be able to participate from anywhere, even outside the US?

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