Middle and High Schools

Gender variant children report persistent bullying and harassment in response to their gender non-conformity. According to a national survey…

  • 89.5% of transgender students report feeling unsafe at school
  • 55% of transgender youth report being physically harassed at school because of their gender expression
  • 81% report being sexually harassed at school because of their gender transition
  • 82% report that faculty/staff either never intervened or sometimes intervened when they heard other students make derogatory remarks

Source: Drop the Labels – Back to School, GenderPAC 2004.

Those who are gender nonconforming experience greatly increased instances of bullying, teasing, and overall lack of acceptance. Research has shown that this increases a student’s risk factors for suicide, homelessness, drug use, and more.

Gender Diversity will work with you to decrease negative student behaviors and identify ways to create a more tolerant, inclusive and accepting school environment. Our trainings cover other topics including:

  • Distinguishing between gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Navigating gender specific activities/places such as sports, bathrooms, and school forms; accommodating name and pronoun preferences
  • Addressing other basic civil rights for gender variant and transgender students